Any roaster can purchase fair trade coffee from a coffee broker; it doesn’t mean they’re in it for the long term. To accomplish meaningful change requires a commitment to the coffee farmers and their families. It means developing relationships built on trust, and trust takes time. At Kobos Coffee, our relationships are built over the long term.

One example of this commitment is our relationship with the Cafe Femenino Foundation. The foundation supports a collective of women coffee farmers. These women, some of whom have been abandoned and some abused came together to grow and sell organic fair-trade coffee. They receive more than the typical fair-trade price and use the extra money to better their lives and communities. Brian Dibble, one of the owners of Kobos Coffee, has visited, on several occasions, the farms in Peru where some of the women work. Their determination has been an inspiration. Brian has a seat on the foundation’s board of directors – as the only man on the board, he was good-heartedly given the nickname Masculino (the counterpart to Femenino). Kobos Coffee roasts and sells Cafe Femenino coffee. We make an extra donation for every pound, which has led us to become one of the foundation’s largest contributors.

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