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“Love the Black & White blend!!!”

Tom Sanders

“Love me some Kobos!!”

Kristie J Baslee Truett


Michaelle Cearley

“Our family loves your coffee!! We drink it here all the way in Montreal Canada.”

Erin Fruhling

“My favorite coffee”

Jamie Burns Barker

“We love you guys!”

Post Falls Coffee Co.

“I got started drinking Kobos coffee years ago when my sister owned a coffee shop – and it’s been my favorite coffee ever since!”

Teresa Shultz

“Love their black and white coffee blend, it’s the best around!”

Lila J. Eells

“I just woke up and made myself a White Chocolate Peppermint Latte with your Espresso Beans. It is so amazing. It helps me feel better and wake up whenever I am down. ”

Trenton Meador

“I am often disappointed in single origin coffees. Whatever you are doing with your coffee, keep doing it. I LOVE your coffee!”

Susan S. Bradley

“Nothing beats Kobos French roast in the morning! :)”

Gentry Dinsmore

“It’s always a treat to volunteer for OPB because I know I’m going to get to enjoy Kobos Coffee while I’m there! Thanks for donating!”

Jen Miller Schwartzman