Champagne Christening to Launch Roaster

Friday, February 27th, 2015

The New Production Coffee Roaster Christening


Our new Loring Smart Roaster is in place and ready to roll! It’s been quite a journey to get to this week’s celebration. The first time I saw it at a trade show three years ago I was most intrigued by the efficiency of the roaster. They claimed up to an 80% reduction of energy – Wow! The roaster uses a single burner to roast and re-circulate the smoke, replacing the need for an afterburner.

After learning more about the high-tech features, such as profile roasting, I started to ask questions about the effects on the coffee taste profiles. After getting satisfactory answers, I finally flew down to their manufacturing facility in Santa Rosa, Ca. – yeah, the new roaster is made in the USA. I was impressed with the quality of materials and the people behind the scenes, but more importantly, I was impressed with the taste of the coffee. This new roaster really sets the stage for our future growth while enhancing our ability to continue our mission of delivering the best quality coffee in Portland, Oregon.

The new roaster replaced our 1979 Probat 25K that we bought new back then. It served as our only production coffee roaster until 1995: before moving to our current location. I must admit that it was tough to see it go, but the increased capacity of the new Loring roaster kept my emotions in check.

Finally, I wish to give a big shout out to a few of our partners who joined us for our roaster champagne christening celebration. To the people from Equal Exchange, Percasso Coffee Service, Jim and Patty’s, Grumpy Monkey, Dryke & Associates, Dragonfly Chai, Café Femenino Foundation and Pier Coffee, THANK YOU for everything.

Brian Dibble
C.O.O & Co-owner

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