Employee Spotlight: McKenzie

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Employee Spotlight: McKenzie

Favorite Coffee: Anything Smooth
Working Here: Since October 2014
Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Playing the Tuba

McKenzie is a Portland native. Not surprisingly her favorite things about the Northwest are the rain and the cool crisp days of autumn.

When it comes to coffee, she likes things smooth without the acidic notes a Central American bean would offer. Ideally prepared drip-style or in a French Press, she takes her coffee with just a touch of milk. Before coming to Kobos, McKenzie’s experience with espresso was limited to her work at a chocolate shop, which utilized a fully automated espresso machine. She’s really getting the hang of using our semi-automatic, and she looks forward to honing her skills with latte art.

Outside her work at Kobos, McKenzie is an avid rock climber and likes to combine this passion with camping. During the rainy months when weather makes climbing too dangerous, she spends her free time reading: Steinbeck, David Foster Wallace, and Hunter S. Thompson are some favorite authors.

McKenzie volunteers at PSU’s outdoor program where she leads camping trips a couple times per term including the winter months. She enjoys introducing people, who are not yet acquainted to surviving the outdoors, to a new way of looking at the world. Environmental and sustainability issues are very important to McKenzie. “One of the things that impressed and surprised me about Kobos Coffee is the small amount of waste that is thrown out. The recycling and composting efforts here are very apparent.”

McKenzie’s hidden talent is playing the tuba. This time of year, she looks forward to the annual Tuba Christmas when she and over 250 fellow tuba and euphonium players flood into Pioneer Courthouse Square. Tuba Christmas 2014 will be held on Saturday the 13th from 1:30pm to 3pm. The public is welcome and as of now, the weather looks promising.

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