Employee Spotlight: Sara

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Employee Spotlight: Sara

Favorite Drink: Herbal Tea/Chai

Working Here: 3 years

Hobbies: Fire Spinning

Sara moved to Portland a few years ago from the Coos Bay area where she worked in the property restoration industry. She was part of a demolition crew working long hours tearing down, cleaning up, and preparing sites for construction. An income with nowhere to spend it allowed her to save enough to move.

The Portland scene is far more her style. With mountains, lakes and rivers in close proximity, it is only the ocean she misses. Sara enjoys the changes of season. She also likes the culture available in a city the size of Portland.

Her favorite drink is typically herbal tea, and to pick just one is impossible. She enjoys different teas for different moments and different reasons. That said, there is never a bad time for chai.

Sara started working swing shift for Kobos Coffee 3 years ago in a production role filling and packing bags of coffee. She developed skills roasting coffee and managing a small crew of people. Recently, she moved to a daytime position in a similar role.

The change in shift has opened the door to Portland’s nightlife where Sara enjoys the burlesque subculture along with fire performance. Sara is a fire spinner moving towards advanced levels of the art. In the past, Portland developed a strict code for fire performance because of the perceived danger involved. Recently, regulation has let up, and a new interest in this physical and visual art has reemerged. Classes are being offered around town and there is a much better chance you can find a show. Who knows, you may be lucky to find Sara performing.

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