Happy Trails, Ed

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015

Ed Menashe

More than 13 years ago, a hardworking entrepreneur named Ed Menashe decided to step away from his espresso cart and come to work with us here at Kobos Coffee. Ed’s experience in the coffee industry as well as his good nature were just the right fit for our sales department. Because of his background, Ed was a specialist in espresso bar training. He rose to the title of Vice President of Sales.

Today, we announce that Ed has found a new challenge. He has become the Manager of Special Events for Meals on Wheels in Portland. Because of his love for a good cause, and his dedication in organizing past events for Kobos Coffee, there is no doubt he will thrive in this new position. All of us at Kobos will miss Ed’s fun spirit and kind heart.

Congratulations Ed, and thank you!

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