Shared Values And New Beginnings

Monday, May 2nd, 2016


Word is out that David and Susan Kobos are retiring nearly 43 years after founding their company. Everyone here wishes them the very best, and we will miss them.

Word is also out that Kobos Coffee has sold to Groundwork Coffee. We want to assure all our valued customers they will continue to receive great locally roasted coffee and excellent service from a company with solid values based in our local community.

A key reason why David Kobos, Susan Kobos and myself felt comfortable selling to Groundwork Coffee was shared values – community involvement; sustainable practices; fair treatment of employees, vendors and coffee growers. We really felt like Groundwork was the right fit.

“When Susan and I first met the principals at Groundwork Coffee, we were impressed by their experience, honesty and vision.  Their core values were aligned with ours, and we feel good about handing the Kobos legacy over to them.”

David Kobos

So shared values remain the same. We’re still roasting right here in Portland as we always have. And you can continue to purchase your favorite Kobos Coffee right here online.

I’m genuinely excited about Kobos Coffee becoming a part of Groundwork Coffee. If you’re curious about Groundwork, visit

Brian Dibble
General Manager
Groundwork Coffee / Kobos Coffee

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