Aroma: Aroma is a very important component in a coffee’s flavor. Since our sense of smell directly relates to our sense of taste, the aroma of a coffee largely impacts how we perceive the flavor of that coffee. The aroma of different coffees can vary greatly. Many of our fine varietal coffees have aromas ranging from fruity or berry like, to nutty, to buttery, and even wine like. The aromas of our dark-roasted coffee beans lean more toward spicy, smoky, and sometimes woodsy or earthy. Most of us, in the specialty coffee industry, use aroma as the first indication of a coffees overall quality. And even more importantly, we use aroma to point out any potential faults.

Body: Body is the weight of the coffee that can best be sensed by allowing the coffee to rest on the tongue and by rubbing the tongue against the roof of the mouth.  Body ranges from mild, to medium, to full and is a result of the fat content.

Acidity: Acidity is the bright, sometimes sprightly, taste that adds life to a coffee. It is likened to the dry but bright sensation experienced on the backside of your tongue. Acidity is most noticeable in Kenyan coffees and should be evident in any wet-processed coffees. Perceived acidity does not necessarily correlate to the pH level of a coffee, but is believed to be the result of the acids present in coffee. At Kobos Coffee we use the following terminology to describe the acidity of our coffees.

mellow  •  balanced  •  bright  •  snappy

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