At Kobos Coffee, we drum roast all of our coffee beans in small batches. This not only ensures the coffee we sell will be as fresh as possible, it also allows us to focus on the unique characteristics of each varietal bean.

As green coffee beans are roasting, they darken in color becoming yellow, then a light tan or cinnamon color, and eventually a deep rich brown – or in the case of a very dark French Roast, almost black. Part of this color change is the result of sugars within the beans caramelizing, which also contributes to flavor. The beans even make audible popping sounds as moisture escapes. And, oils rise to the surface of the beans making them shine.

Coffee beans will retain more of their unique flavor characteristics at lighter or regular roasts. These characteristics are a result of the region in which each bean is grown. The type of soil in a particular region, as well as the weather conditions in that part of the world have a strong effect on an individual coffee’s flavor. Most of our single-origin coffees fall into the range of regular roasts. A few – our Sumatran and Celebes Kalossi coffees – benefit from a slightly deeper Vienna roast.

Once coffee beans are roasted beyond a brown color toward black, the unique flavor characteristics of the beans become overshadowed. At these very dark roasts, the flavor of the roast is more dominant than that of the beans. These roasts include Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, and French Roast coffees.

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