1. Place a filter paper inside your coffee cone and rinse both with hot water. This will warm the cone and remove any paper particles that might add an off taste to your coffee.

2. Add ground coffee to the filter, and use your finger to indent the center of the grounds.

3. Pour a little heated water (200 – 205 degrees) onto the grounds in a slow circular pattern moving from the center out to the edges. Wait 15 – 30 seconds while the coffee blooms. You may agitate the coffee with a spoon to ensure the grounds are thoroughly wet.

4. Very slowly add the rest of the water in the same circular pattern. To maintain proper temperature, try to keep the grounds/water mixture at an even height as you pour rather than letting it rise and fall. You’ll want to pour slowly enough that the brew time takes about 2 minutes.

5. Remove the cone and filter. Enjoy.

For real coffee geeks who want to be as accurate as possible: use a timer and prepare your pour over coffee on top of a digital scale so you can weigh everything as you go. First place the mug, warmed cone and rinsed filter on the scale. Zero it out. Then add coffee to the correct weight. Zero it out. Then add heated water to the correct weight using the timer to ensure you pour for 2 minutes.

Use 1 part coffee to 17 parts heated water. For a #2 cone that’s about 16 grams of coffee and 270 grams of heated water.

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