1. Dampen the reusable filter and push it into the filter recess inside the brewing container. Push the rubber stopper into the small drain hole on the outside bottom.

2. Pour a full pound of coarsely ground coffee into the brewing container.

3. Add approxiamately 4 cups of cold water (filtered if you have it).

4. Allow to sit for 5 minutes. This dampens the coffee grounds and prevents overflow when you add the rest of the water.

5. Fill the rest of the container with cold water, about 5 cups. You may want to cover the top of the brewing container with a sheet of plastic wrap.

6. Allow the coffee to steep for ten to twelve hours.

7. After ten to twelve hours have passed, hold the brewing container over the glass decanter and remove the rubber stopper.

8. Rest the brewing container on top of the decanter and allow the liquid coffee concentrate to drain out.

9. Combine one part concentrate with up to three parts water, either hot or cold. Adjust the proportions to your taste — we like it stronger. Add cream, milk, or sweetener if you like. Enjoy.

When placed into your refrigerator, the Toddy concentrate will last about 10 days.

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