Water Temperature: 212 degrees

Steeping Time: 5 seconds – 30 minutes for multiple infusions

Amount of Tea: 2 – 3 grams per 8 ounces of water

Heat fresh, cold water in a kettle. Do not reuse water that has previously been boiled, or your tea will have a flat taste.

Once the water is heated, pour some into your teapot or mug. Swirl it around then pour it out. This will warm the pot or mug and keep your tea hot while it steeps.

Place the Pu-erh directly into your teapot or mug.

Rinse the tea leaves by pouring in just enough water to cover them. Then, after anywhere from a few seconds half a minute, discard the water. Rinsing will soften the leaves and provide a better infusion as well as remove some of the off flavors that can be present with Pu-erh.

Start off by by steeping for as little as 5 seconds. With each subsequent infusion, increase the steeping time a little longer. Some people will continue up to as much as 30 minutes. The number of steepings you can do before the tea becomes watery and weak will depend on your Pu-erh. The flavor of the tea will change gradually throughout the infusions.

When the time is up for each steeping, pour the tea through a strainer.

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