Caffe Monteverdi Coffee

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Our darkest roasted coffee. It is smoky, smooth and full of body. And best of all, there is no harsh bite.


Product Description

Smoky, Smooth & Full of Body

The roast of this coffee dominates its flavor profile. Because it’s a double dark French roast, it is smoky and immensely full bodied. And yet, Caffe Monteverdi is as smooth as the work of its namesake classical composer. It is our very darkest roast. Kosher.

The Backstory

A well respected local restaurant wanted us to develop a coffee that was exceptionally dark.

Because very dark roasted beans can become bitter, this presented us with a coffee roasting challenge. Since we always strive to produce the best coffee possible, we got to work. The result was a very special technique during roasting created just for this unique blend.

You’ll find the beans of this coffee to be as dark as any around while simultaneously being devoid of bitterness. It has become one of our best selling coffees.

Roast Profile:
Aroma: Smoky
Body: Full
Acidity: Mellow
Growing Region(s): Central America, South America, Indonesia
Size: 16 Ounces

9 reviews for Caffe Monteverdi Coffee

  1. Steve

    This coffee is EXACTLY as described, so if that description works for you, don’t hesitate. I prepare it using a stove top expresso maker and have never had a better brew come out of that maker. Kudos.

  2. Toni (verified owner)

    Kobos’ blend, Cafe Monteverdi, has been my favorite coffee for several years. It is a deep, dark, and complex blend. It rules the shelf in our house. I live in Portland and have been a Kobos fan since I first walked into their old location in John’s Landing. I am hopeful that I can continue to buy Kobos on line since they were recently purchased by another coffee company.

  3. Toni (verified owner)

    We continue to order Caffe Monteverdi from Kobos regularly. We often use it as a house warming gift, and it was the star of our Christmas stocking gifts in 2016. It is the most dependable dark roasted blend we’ve found.

  4. Regina (verified owner)

    Kobos Caffe Monteverdi is hands down the best brew in our house of coffee snobs. We were drinking Kobos blends before coffee became the popular trend here in Portland – way back when. We are thrilled to find the beans available online, since we can no longer get them locally. This is one smooth, full and rich, delicious cup of joe.

  5. Melinda (verified owner)

    This is my favorite. I enjoy most Kobos coffees, very much, but this one is as nuanced and savored as a conversation with a life-long friend! No bitterness, even though this is a very dark roast.

  6. Mike (verified owner)

    This really is a smooth and non-bitter brew for a very dark roast. VERY TASTY. We are fans of KOBOS roasts and rotate between Italian, Colombian,
    Monteverdi and South Fork Roaster of Eugene – their McKenzie River blend.
    We now live in the Village of Oak Creek Arizona. We had lived in Portland for 40 years and worked downtown right next to the 200 Market
    KOBOS – but we had started drinking KOBOS when we found KOBOS at the Water Tower in John’s Landing around mid 70’s – Near Kitchen Kaboodle. We have tied many roasters and have always come back to KOBOS. A Real Plus is FREE SHIPPING on our orders.

  7. Shelley B (verified owner)

    Wonderful full body that makes a nice strong cup of coffee yet with no bitterness.
    I’ll admit I put cream in my coffee, however this holds up to this addition.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    PERFECT – Cafe Monteverdi is the best coffee ever – We think of Costa Rica Cloud Forests every time we have this coffee.
    We have tried many coffees – even some of the more expensive single origin peaberry coffee – and many have disappointed.
    WE moved to Sedona AZ some years ago and still order from KOBOS.

  9. Chris Gies (verified owner)

    Caffe Monteverdi is very robust and full-bodied. It makes a good, full flavored cup of coffee, even with just a drip coffee maker, but without the acidity of most dark roast coffees. If you like a stout dark roast coffee, try Caffe Monteverdi. Every variety of Kobos I have tried has been excellent, and not at all acidic (so no stomach burning sensation), and they are prompt about shipping your order. Caffe Monteverdi is my favorite so far. I highly recommend Kobos Coffee.

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