French Roast Coffee

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The darkest of the four traditional, European named, dark roast coffees. French is one our customers’ favorites.


Product Description

Smoky, Spicy & Bittersweet

Spicy overtones and a bittersweet flavor dominate this very darkly roasted coffee. You’ll also note an enticingly smoky aroma. While the body of this coffee is deep and full, the acidity is well balanced. This Southern-European style French Roast a pleasure to drink. Kosher.

Drink It With …

Because it is dark with a spicy layer, drink this coffee while eating chocolate or a rich dessert. What a treat!

Roast Profile:
Aroma: Smoky
Body: Full
Acidity: Balanced
Growing Region(s): South America
Size: 16 Ounces

13 reviews for French Roast Coffee

  1. Mark Yerby (verified owner)

    Simply the best French Roast ever! Rich and smooth, full flavored. I do not think I have ever had as good a cup of coffee as this. So good that even after moving to Central Oregon we order Kobos coffee by mail an get great service.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Bold and robust, this is exactly what a great French Roast should taste like. It’s our go to cup of coffee whether it’s drip, pour over, Aero press, Moka pot, French press…we use all of these with with bean.

  3. Georgia scott (verified owner)

    We love kobos coffee, we have been a fan for several years now. We love to serve to our guests, they always comment on what a smooth taste it has.
    We order it when we are in California, because we can’t be with out it.

  4. ShelleyBowers (verified owner)

    I usually drink the espresso roast, however I changed it up a bit and it’s great! Very smooth and rich. Makes a great cappuccino!

  5. Deborah Ackerman (verified owner)

    I’m fussy about coffee and this is the best French Roast I’ve found in Portland.

  6. Kaffee (verified owner)

    Kobos French Roast has a strong flavor without the bitter finish associated with many dark roast coffees. I am delighted that the quality remains top notch after Kobos retired and sold the business they started in the early 1970’s. The price is less than $1.00 more per pound than my second favorite coffee that is available locally. Online orders arrive within a couple days.

  7. Jean of GV (verified owner)

    We moved to Arizona from Camas, Washington, in 2000. We tried local brands, but soon began getting Kobos sent to our home here. Kenyan Estate had been our long-time favorite, but sometime this last year we noticed the name change (dropped Estate) and the difference in flavor. We didn’t like it. So we tried both the French Roast and the Vienna Roast. The French Roast is our favorite, but we get Vienna Roast for a little variety. Love them both. Our orders are quickly and properly filled and we plan at this time to be long-time customers as we have to this point.

  8. Georgia scott (verified owner)

    Love, the French roast, and Italian roast, two of,our favorites. We live in the palms springs area for the winter, so have to order on line, only takes
    A few days to get here. Great service!

  9. Linda M (verified owner)

    Yummy KOBOS French Roast. Nice flavor perfectly roasted. LOVE this coffee.

  10. Anthony Thurston (verified owner)

    We have used Kobos french roast for years and find it the best flavored coffee of any that we have tried. We hope to be able to continue using it.

  11. carol elliott (verified owner)

    We’ve been using Kobos coffee for many years. When they closed the retail locations in Portland, we were thrilled that we would be able to continue enjoying their coffees through mail orders. We usually prefer the dark roasts. The mail service is swift and dependable. Many thanks!

  12. doug hicks (verified owner)

    This is the coffee served at Jake’s and the Cadillac Cafe.
    It has the perfect darkness, is not bitter at all (unlike St*rbucks), and it’s ground for me.
    A great deal all around.

  13. Jo Ann Lingo (verified owner)

    My all time favorite.

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